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New City Driving School is running this since 1989. NCDS instructors will teach driving skills to pass the roads & traffic jams. We offer driving lessons at very competitive price to give the best value for money. Our working staff is having good moral character and enough qualified to give you driving instructions. We have proper licence authority under which we are running our school. Our school is recognized from licence authority.We also theory conduct lectures with demonstration of models, traffic sign charts etc.


Our all driving vehicles are dual control which is fitted in a car on non driver end and with the help of dual control facility our instructors have all controls while teaching. It seems you’re safe while learning. The NCDS Driving System is a proprietary driver training system that teaches disciplined driving by creating mindful choices and habits. So, we can say New City Driving School teach you very safely and no other driving school teaches like our disciplined driving methodology. We also provide all the equipment’s and requirements to teach the driving in a simple and easy way.


At the end of course we give driving certificates to our students or trainee. That helps you to make driving licence easily. You must look at our course training program, if you are learning the driving for the first time. Start your learning journey in a stress free, safe and comfortable environment that will bring you best results.



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