Training Course Program

Driving Training Program

  • Complete Course 4 Weeks (1 month)

  • 5 Days a Week Car Driving (Mon-Fri)

  • Every Saturday Theory Class

  • Sunday Rest Day                                             


Complete Course 4 Weeks (1 month)

Our driving course is for 4 weeks i.e a month. We have sufficient time period for our student to learn driving comfortably. In a month student get full confidence and get a safety focused attitude. Our program target is to encourage the young people who are verge of driving or actively thinking about it, to take a responsible attitude towards driving.


5 Days a Week Car Driving (Mon-Fri)

You can also call it as practical training. We teach driving upto 7 to 8 kms between Mondays to Fridays i.e. 5 days. The dual control facility is fitted in a car on non driver end. So, that our trainee will not lose confidence and also we provide all comfort level for our trainee, while driving. At that time we just concentrate on our students.


Every Saturday Theory Class

In theory class section, the student will learn about traffic laws, rules and regulations signs, signals, and parts of vehicles. We also teach defensive driving techniques to avoid alcohol and drugs. In theory we give 4 lectures to our students in 4 Saturdays, in a month.

  • 1st lecture is on traffic road sign.

  • 2nd Lecture is on Mechanical Parts of car.

  • 3rd Lecture is on Auto Electrical part of car.

  • 4th Lecture is on Wheel Changing.


Sunday Rest Day

We left 1 day for rest.



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